Sway – Influenced by Influences

Richard Booth’s stunning creations around the thought provoking and interactive theme of ‘SWAY’.

This exhibition focuses on the way we are influenced by influences beyond our control and how we then react to these individually, or as a group.

9th November 2016 – 6pm to 8pm Private viewing

“Sway is a series of ground breaking images by one of the UK’s most talented photographers, Richard Booth. His work is well respected for its unique perspective and artistic integrity and has  been duly recognised in the numerous awards he has received over recent years. For Richard, there is no such thing as a typical shoot. He has an amazing eye and is able to see and capture things which are not immediately visible. He is renowned for creating images that challenge the status quo and are both thought provoking and inspiring. Sway delivers all of this and more. We are proud to present this exhibition which gives a unique insight into the human spirit through Richard’s unique lense.


Sue Walter, CEO, The Hospital Club



Richard Booth is one of the UK’s most talented photographers, with over twenty years international experience.

Predominantly an advertising photographer, his portfolio is consequently diverse, from high status international clients to luxury brands, hoteliers to restaurateurs and healthcare to sport, all shot with an acute attention to detail and professionalism that has been duly recognised in the numerous awards he has received over recent years.

Richard Booth

Richard Booth

Richard Booth

Richard Booth



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